Friday, March 16, 2012

An open letter to the APA and their referencing style

Dear American Psychological Association,

I am writing you today to ask why you invented your referencing style. I understand that in our simple world things can be a bit...well...simple, and although some people may be tempted to add a bit of complexity here and there (and about 3 dozen obscure, arbitrary rules while they're at it), I feel as if the APA style of referencing is taking this idea a bit too far.

Sure, it could be simple and easy to reference a paper by, say, using numbers to identify a particular  reference, but gosh darnit people are just writing too many papers nowadays! If we don't figure out a way to waste everyone's time when they're writing papers the world would be just be a sea of literature. Can you imagine such a place? - the trees that would be lost...the labor force needed to edit and grade papers...the never-ending reading! By God, without any structure to the universe, we might as well all build a tree fort and befriend a leaf named Jose!

Whew, glad that'll never happen...because we have APA style-referencing. Structure, order, and whole potpourri  basket of frustration, agony, and teardrops on computer keyboards...